All of the Irish stereotypes are true...

We're obsessed with the weather and I basically grew up on potatoes. We love a good party and for some reason we love to hate Bono. But our hearts beat creative blood and we take pride in our rich artistic heritage... (apart from Bono).

My name is David and I direct film with a devotion to emotive and imaginative storytelling. I'm passionate about detail without losing sight of client appeal. With a dedication to the craft of film, it is my goal to push the boundaries and make work that resonates with audiences. My appetite for adventure is unyielding so please get in contact and lets talk about our next one.





  •  Young Director Award 2016              Cannes (nom)

  •  Best New Director in Ireland 2016    Kinsale Sharks (nom)

  • Way of Play Award                        Talenthouse (win)

  • Mofilm Award                                           3rd place (win)